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Hubertusz guest house

The Hubertusz Guesthouse is one of the special gems of the Bükkösdi Ecopark, completely different from the other guesthouses.
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Szilvánusz guest house

The Szilvánusz guest house, is one of the favourite buildings for families.
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Hársfa guest house

Hársfa guesthouse is at the entrance of Bükkösdi Ecopark.
Small, separate island , as it is separeted from the other guesthouses in the Ecopark.
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Ménes guest house

Ideal for large groups of friends and families with plenty of children .
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Diána guest house

The Diána guesthouse of Bükkösdi Ecopark - with 4 sunflowers quality.
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jurta és lakókocsi szállások

Yurts are recommended for those who want to break away from the comfort of their daily lives.
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