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Hubertusz guest house

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Hubertusz guest house

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The Hubertusz Guesthouse is one of the special gems of the Bükkösdi Ecopark, completely different from the other guesthouses.

In its design and construction, maximum comfort and a modern, sleek design have been achieved. Huge glass surfaces provide beautiful views of the park. Unusually, relatively large (30m2) rooms have been designed, which reflect the closeness of nature with their colors and furnishing. Complete comfort in the middle of nature, even in a hotel. The guesthouse has got six 4-bedded room 30sqm spacious, single-air room, a separate bathroom and a toilet . Also suitable for families, with a large double bed and a pull-out sofa bed.

Inside the building there are 4 more double rooms (20sqm) with a balcony, in modern style with its furnishing and atmosphere. The magnificent panorama can be seen from all rooms thanks to the huge glass surfaces. Backyard dishes prepared on the barbecue terrace of the Hubertusz guest house in the oven.They are great favorites of our new and returning guests. One of the most loved places for friendly, family programs, where the experience is really close to nature. The offer of the exclusive wine cellar completes the delicious gastronomic impressions.

The breakfast room has been set up in the common area of the building. For the full refreshment of our guests the sauna and jacuzzi are avaible. In summer an outdoor pool is possible.

Hubertus guest house is very popular for corporate events , trainings, as the accomoditon if it is a must - it has already been resolved. In the territory of the Ecopark Hubertus guest house is avaible for up to 30 people.

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Szállás árak

  • Double room with balcony 20.000 Ft/fő/éj

    Gyerek: 14.000 Ft/fő/éj (3-12 éves korig)

  • Room for four with panoramic view 20.000 Ft/fő/éj

    Gyerek: 14.000 Ft/fő/éj (3-12 éves korig), Kanapé: 14.000 Ft/fő/éj

  • Single supplement 8.000 Ft/fő/éj


  • Breakfast 3.500 Ft/fő

    Gyerek: 2.500 Ft/fő (3-10 éves korig)

  • Félpanzió 9.900 Ft/fő

    Gyerek: 7.000 Ft/fő (3-10 éves korig)

The above prices include VAT.



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