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Wedding in nature

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The Galagonya restaurant, the park and the barn of Bükkösdi Ecopark are the perfect place for couples who want to have their wedding ceremony in nature.

The wedding is the first defining experience in a couple’s life, an experience they will be happy to recall.

The Galagonya Restaurant and the barn of the park's are the most suitable places for weddings. Of course, our well equipped guest houses are at the disposal of the engaded couples.The accommodation for their guest can be also arrenged in our guest houses.

Before the wedding, the future couple can organize a bachelorette party or bachelor party in our park. The Hubertusz guest house is the most popular for bachelorette party, because who books room there gets unlimited wellness use as well. In the case of bachelor parties, wine tasting, hikes and individual programs organized by our team are very popular. The cooking or BBQ can provide a long lasting experience for both program participants.

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For more information, please contact us using one of the contact details below.

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