Téli szünet miatt zárva!

Értesítjük kedves látogatóinkat, hogy az Ökopark 2019. december 20. - 2020. március 1. között téli szünetet tart és zárva lesz. Ez idő alatt sem a park, sem az étterem nem lesz nyitva! Megértésüket köszönjük!

Are you preparing for the Big Day? Indeed, there a lot of things to arrange related to the Big Day. All eyes are on the bride and the groom. Are you looking for the perfect wedding venue and menu suiting the occasion as well? Do you want picturesque environment, where you can say your ‘I dos’ under peaceful circumstances, with tasty food and drinks that lift your soul?
Our complex service portfolio allows you to take care of the perfect venue and select the proper dishes in one go, moreover, if you no longer have energy after the wedding, then you may enjoy true relaxation and leisure with the help of our accommodations. Do you want a barn reception? Are you interested in restaurant conditions? Are you looking for a village wedding venue? Would you like to arrive on a horse-drawn carriage? Or maybe, you would like to say ‘I do’ under the open sky? There are no missions impossible in our Eco-park.
The area of the 550-acre park, together with all of its installations and adventure facilities are at your disposal. In addition to the perfect wedding, do you want a truly extraordinary bachelorette or bachelor party? Do you want restaurant service? Would you like to cook on open fire? Do you want an outdoor event? Is wellness appealing to the group? It is worth to have a look around our facility!
Visit us. We will show you around free of charge; you can see the entire park and try our dishes. Find the perfect venue, we will help you with that, too. Take a look at our wedding offers, for which you just have to click on the “To the We Are getting Married site” below. Let the world of great moments absorb you.