Téli szünet miatt zárva!

Értesítjük kedves látogatóinkat, hogy az Ökopark 2019. december 20. - 2020. március 1. között téli szünetet tart és zárva lesz. Ez idő alatt sem a park, sem az étterem nem lesz nyitva! Megértésüket köszönjük!

Are you aware that the heart of any company is the team working in it, the co-workers? In accordance with the new entrepreneurial approach, employers put increasing emphasis on keeping their co-workers happy, and to unite them. They are also taking great care in establishing the intracompany hierarchy, standardizing the corporate processes, and take measures so all members of the company feel good and perform properly as expected. Our team-building programmes will help you with the very same!
Unite all members of your team! Use the animators of the Eco-park, the nearby nature and the outstanding milieu, and leave the rest to us!
In addition to team-building, we also undertake to organize truly magnificent corporate events! We help the event of your company in a picturesque environment, with broad infrastructure. In addition to the venue, we are offering interesting programmes, tasty food, as well as accommodation, of course. If you van a truly extraordinary conference, if you would like to organize theme programmes, or if you are simply looking for something special for a venue, do not hesitate to think about us!
Any active time spent with the family is always worth it. In course of creating the concept of the Eco-park, we aimed at allowing families to “escape” from the world to a micro village, all the while providing substantive, useful and entertaining recreation. The vast green spaces, the adventure elements, as well as the proximity of animals all provide perfect opportunity to both children and adults to find the quality leisure closest to their hearts.
In the frameworks of the park visit guided through the 55-acre area, the smallest members of the family may learn about the living space surrounding us, may get to know the wild animals, as well as the authentic habitats and customs thereof. In our petting zoo, children may observe firsthand the daily life of domestic animals.