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Értesítjük kedves látogatóinkat, hogy az Ökopark 2019. december 20. - 2020. március 1. között téli szünetet tart és zárva lesz. Ez idő alatt sem a park, sem az étterem nem lesz nyitva! Megértésüket köszönjük!

Bükkösd Eco-park is a family business, which had opened to visitors in 2011. At the beginning, a guest house and a cafeteria with full kitchen facilities provided high-quality service. The indigenous domestic and wild animals presented here provided for the experience.
Today, an increasing number of animals live at our facility, to which we tried to ensure a natural habitat, also allowing our guests to see and get to know their daily life.
The comfort of our guests is now made complete by our numerous facilities: 5 guest houses, a premium restaurant, covered terrace, covered riding-hall, adventure barn, and excellent roads. We devote all our revenues and funds to development, since our goal is to allow our grandchildren, and even their grandchildren to enjoy the comforts of the Eco-park, and take pleasure in its charm.
The Eco-park was created in order to show our children the wonders of nature, so they could also see and understand how much beauty, and natural magic they are surrounded with. We consider passing on the love for natural lifestyle our mission. There are so much natural values – both flora and fauna – in this region, we just have to show them to our children. We have to stop for a moment and notice them. This is what we believe in! Have a look around our website. Get to know our services, make all your moments special. Let’s meet in Bükküsd, in the Eco-park!

7682 Bükkösd, hrsz. 066/2 - (Hársfa utca) +36 30/335-2034 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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